High School

High School Application Process

Eligibility: 8th graders and first-time 9th graders who live in NYC

The Process: you will receive your Round 1 high school application information from your guidance counselor. You must complete this application online, listing up to 12 high school programs in order of preference. Admissions results are accessed online in March.

Private and Parochial School Students: All application materials and results letters will be distributed through your school. Respond to all offers by the deadlines set by your school.

High School Selection Criteria and Matching:

The Young Women’s Leadership School is a screened program. Therefore, we consider student grades, attendance, and test scores when ranking students for admission. Additionally, we consider student performance on our internal assessment (group interview and writing assignment) for students who attend an Open House. Attending an Open House will also increase chance of acceptance.

Open House Dates

We do not accept or deny students. We rank students based on our selection criteria. The DoE then matches students to schools based on the school’s ranking of students and the students’ ranking of schools. Applicants will receive a match offer from the DoE stating which school they were matched to. Applicants will not receive a separate letter of acceptance or denial from TYWLS.

Initial Screen:

Only students with at least an 80 GPA, 95% attendance rate*, and 92% punctuality* will be ranked.

Students will be ranked based on their performance in the following areas:

  • Grades in 4 core subjects: History, Math, ELA, Science
  • Test Scores: Average Proficiency Rating on state ELA & Math exams
  • Internal Assessment: Writing Assignment & Group Interview at an Open House**

* Parents may submit explanations of extenuating circumstances concerning attendance or punctuality to their school’s guidance counselor, with the application.

** For students who do not attend an Open House, the weight of core subject grades will be doubled. Attending an Open House may increase a student’s chances of acceptance.

For additional support, call the Department of Education at 718-935-2399.

​You can also visit an enrollment center:

  • 333 Seventh Avenue (12th Floor) New York, 10001


  • 388 West 125th Street (7th Floor) New York, 10027